Posted by: sofistic | January 14, 2008

Tap, Tap. Is this thing on?

This is the first post about music, electricity and all manner of other things. In upcoming posts there will be discussion about musical instruments, especially home made instruments, and electronics associated with instruments.



  1. I’m just starting with the whole cigar box instrument thing. My first discovery is the vastness of this whole field of possibility and my total ignorance of it. The other is that there does not seem to be any “rules”. I have seen CBG’s that looked (and sounded like trash) and I have seen works of art that sold for thousands of dollars.

    For me, I think building my own Cigar Box Ukulele,…a CBuke, will be a form of therapy for the stresses of my job.

    Thanks for would blog…and good luck,

    Sam in Wichita, KS

  2. Thanks, Sam. This blog will be a little slow going at first, but I hope to get some useful information on within the next week. Good luck on your first build. And as they say on the Cigarbox Guitar Forum, welcome to your new addiction.

  3. Much enjoyment from the site. Lots of really cool music and great introduction to the refined music of the North West and Portland scene sans grunge..well done

    • Hey! I didn’t think anybody ever commented here. Heh. Thanks, Bob

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